A Word from Joan Mathews-Larson

I realize some of you are gravely ill from this disease, some have little or no support, and some are going it alone. If you are in need of intensive medical and professional help to recover, you are welcome to contact the Health Recovery Center. We are here to help you; I assure you with proper biochemical repair you can confidently expect to recover from alcoholism, other addictions, and many mental disorders.
In 1987, the non-profit Rob Mathews Memorial Foundation was established in memory of my son. It has a threefold purpose: To study new methods of biochemical repair
To offer treatment that includes biochemical restoration to impoverished alcoholics
To educate professionals about our approach and train them to use the techniques effectively
The foundation welcomes any gifts, no matter how small to continue this work. I like to think that Rob would be proud of the changes in treatment inspired by his short life and tragic death.
* It should be noted that to qualify for non-profit status, a foundation must give away at least 5% of their annual donated income, which most do; however, the RM Foundation gives between 95-100% of its donations directly back to the people it was set up to help. The RMF does not use any donated money to pay board member salaries or for overhead costs. Health Recovery Center donates space for meetings and lunch for the RM Foundation board of directors when they meet monthly to decide how donations will be divided among those alcoholics and addicts whose needs are the greatest and whose financial resources are small. 

The Rob Mathews Foundation has a three-fold purpose:

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